Governor Cuomo and Albany’s legislative leaders are failing you …

Simply put, their refusal to address the broken bail reform law they created is a dereliction of their duty to the people of this state.  It has emboldened New York’s criminal element and seriously jeopardizes the safety of our communities.  Yet, two weeks into the new year and Albany Democrats have refused to take action, instead begging for patience and more time to see if the reforms are “working as intended.”

Being a leader means making the tough calls and taking bold action, even when it isn’t popular to do so.  As a matter of fact, Governor Cuomo can take that sort of bold action immediately, in regard to fixing bail reform.

The New York State Constitution grants him the authority to issue an Executive Order to temporarily suspend the bail reform provision of the criminal justice reforms passed by the state legislature last year.  The Governor has done this before, in 2018, when he suspended the sunset provision of the New York City Speed Camera law, citing that without it New York City would be in a “state of disaster emergency,”  after the legislature had adjourned for the summer without extending the law.  He can take the same action now and give the legislature ample time to make the necessary amendments to the bail reform law.

By signing this petition, you’ll be sending Governor Cuomo and his friends in the legislature a strong message that public safety takes priority over their political agenda, and demand that he issue an Executive Order to temporarily suspend the bail reform law until amendments are made!

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